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Over 30 Bible-in-a-day seminars have been held throughout Canada since 2013. Register for one of our upcoming seminars below by clicking on the information for the date and location you are interested in:

November 16, 2019
Church of our Lord
626 Blanshard St.,
Victoria, BC


Bible-in-a-day is a concise way of exploring the Bible. Throughout the seminar, we look at the key people, events, dialogue and narrative that communicate God’s grand plan and purpose to people in every age. At Bible‑in-a-day, we hope you become enthralled by God’s one big overarching story that is the Bible. The seminar includes an introduction to the Bible, ncluding, what it is, how it came to be, how to read it and major themes. The main part of the seminar happens in four sessions about theKingdom of God.

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Bible-in-a-day was developed by the pastors at St. John's Richmond. The point person for scheduling Bible-in-a-day at your church is:

Rev. Sean Love
St. John’s Richmond Church
(meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church)
7100 Granville Ave
Richmond, BC


I loved the parallels of symbolism and structure between the Old Testament and the New Testament, and the overarching narrative.

The visuals were great! And the theme of the kingdom made it so clear.

I am a Christian, so your workshop was very powerful for me… thanks for the incredible helicopter view!

I learned the significance of some of the language and meanings of some of the terms and symbols in the Bible.

Your delivery made me aware of your vast research, knowledge, understanding, and how much I need to learn.

Good and encouraging to review the scope of the Bible.

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