After Bible in a Day

How can your church build on Bible in a Day? Here are three options:

  • Bible Reading Guide: Each seminar participant receives a simple reading guide of suggested Biblical texts, which, over the course of a few weeks or months can help you gain clearer insight on the big story of the Bible.
  • Bible Toolkit Workshop: This half day workshop gives participants actual practice in digging deeply into Biblical texts. By reading passages humbly and prayerfully and bringing some helpful questions to the text, people can read the Bible richly and be more confident of hearing the original intended meaning of a text. Please contact our Bible in-a-Day coordinator for more information on hosting a live or video Bible Toolkit workshop at your church.
  • Bible Overview Small Group Study: Here is a solid twelve-session Bible Overview study by St. Helen's Bishopsgate Church in London, U.K. It is a very worthwhile follow-up to BIAD. Click here to download the pdf.

What people say

“Your delivery made me aware of your vast research, knowledge, understanding and how much I need to learn.”

“I learned the significance of some of the language and meanings of some of the terms and symbols in the Bible.”

“I learned to read the Bible as a whole, not in bits and pieces. It is the story of God.”

Host your own Bible-in-a-day

Host a BIAD